Ad-hoc Announcements

19 June 2017 WILEX AG: Subsidiary Heidelberg Pharma Signs Exclusive Multi-target Research Agreement with Takeda for the Development of Antibody Targeted Amanitin Conjugates
24 April 2017 WILEX AG plans rights issue using authorised capital
6 February 2017 WILEX AG secures financing commitment from its main shareholder dievini
16 January 2017 WILEX signs antibody license agreement with Telix Pharmaceuticals Limited
11 October 2016 WILEX AG secures further financing with shareholder loan based on an existing financing commitment
2 June 2016 WILEX AG announces change on the Executive Management Board
4 April 2016 WILEX AG plans rights issue using authorised capital
23 November 2015 WILEX AG unveils financing strategy for further development of ADC technology and adopts capital measures
12 August 2015 WILEX AG announces discontinuation of collaboration between its subsidiary Heidelberg Pharma and Roche
18 March 2015 WILEX AG plans rights issue using authorised capital supported by main shareholder dievini
14 October 2014 WILEX subsidiary Heidelberg Pharma extends research collaboration with Roche
30 June 2014 WILEX and RedHill Biopharma enter into an exclusive license agreement for MESUPRON®
21 May 2014 WILEX returns rights from collaboration in oncology to UCB and UCB waives repayment of the shareholder loan
30 April 2014 WILEX and IBA terminate marketing partnership – Global rights to REDECTANE® diagnostic agent revert to WILEX
10 April 2014 WILEX AG plans reduction of share capital
28 March 2014 WILEX enters into licensing and development partnership for MESUPRON® in China with Link Health Group
24 February 2014 Professor Olaf G. Wilhelm leaves the Executive Management Board on 31 March 2014, Dr Jan Schmidt-Brand will lead the Company
29 January 2014 WILEX AG plans extensive cost-cutting measures
06 September 2013 Nuclea Biotechnologies Inc. acquires WILEX Inc. and extends their cooperation with WILEX AG
16 October 2012 WILEX AG announces results of Phase III ARISER study with RENCAREX® in clear cell renal cell carcinoma
24 August 2012 WILEX AG successfully completes combined capital increase of cash and contribution in kind totalling EUR 23.9 million
03 August 2012 WILEX AG plans rights offering and combined capital increase of cash and contribution in kind
06 July 2012 WILEX AG opts for further payment under the licence agreement with Prometheus
14 June 2012 MESUPRON® met its primary objective of demonstrating efficacy in the proof of concept phase II breast cancer trial
01 February 2012 WILEX AG successfully completes rights issue
09 January 2012 WILEX AG resolves rights issue using authorised capital
21 November 2011 WILEX AG: ARISER Independent Data Monitoring Committee (IDMC) recommends conducting the final analysis of the pivotal Phase III trial with RENCAREX®
14 October 2011 WILEX reports an adjustment of the goodwill of Heidelberg Pharma AG according to IFRS



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