Wilex subsidiary


Heidelberg Pharma Research GmbH

Heidelberg Pharma AG was acquired in March 2011 following WILEX’s shareholders approval of the acquisition at an extraordinary general meeting. The company became a wholly owned subsidiary of WILEX AG and is based in Ladenburg near Heidelberg. Since the conversion of the corporate form on 1 December 2011 the company operates under the name Heidelberg Pharma GmbH. As of July 20, 2017 the General shareholders meeting of WILEX AG has decided to change the the name of the subsidiary to Heidelberg Pharma Research GmbH.

The company has about 48 employees and is managed by Dr Jan Schmidt-Brandt (CEO). Heidelberg Pharma offers customer specific contract services in two fields. First, an innovative conjugate platform technology for therapeutic antibodies (antibody drug conjugates, ADCs) is being utilised in the further development of antibodies. This ADC technology has the potential to improve the efficacy of many antibody-based therapies, including those currently on the market. Primarily, Heidelberg Pharma intends to licence this technology to other partners on a per-customer basis as a means of generating revenue. Secondly, Heidelberg Pharma also operates a service unit for preclinical work on drug metabolism, pharmacology and pharmacokinetics in oncology and inflammatory diseases.

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